About Us

Our magazine is brought to you by a team of nature lovers who take a keen interest in preserving wildlife and protecting biodiversity in general.

Founder Jennifer Hayes reached out to her closest friends who shared her interest in nature and the protection of our planet, with the idea to put together a digital magazine to encourage others to join in.

We all have day jobs, families, and general unrelated responsibilities we have to tend to. However, we feel that one of the most important things anybody can do is take care of the planet we call home.

Additionally, we see it as a worthy mission to encourage the largest number of people possible to engage themselves actively in wildlife preservation.

WildData’s Goal

Featured image about us WildDatas Goal - About Us

When we got together to discuss the goals each of us has for the magazine, we found out that most of those goals were shared by all of us.

Such goals include providing a platform for wildlife champions to be heard and seen, thus ensuring their own goals are achieved effectively. Additionally, we aim at being accurate and appealing to all readers.

Regardless of tastes in literature or food, or anything else, we wish to unite people under one paramount goal. This goal is to preserve and protect wildlife at all cost, understand why this is relevant to you and yours, and immediately join these efforts.

We wish to do all we can to enrich and grow the community of wildlife protection and all it entails.

Our Readers and Encouragement

Featured image about us Our Readers and Encouragement - About Us

We aren’t doing all this work without keeping our reader’s needs and feedback in mind. To reach our goals, we have taken into account the many things we have heard from readers and people we come in contact with.

This way we can ensure the content are kept relevant and accessible for people of all ages and different walks of life.

Receiving positive comments, as well as constructive criticism has helped us grow to a point where we have a solid reader base, which at the same time speaks for us and promotes us. We are strictly non-profit, making our content available for anybody wishing to learn more about wildlife and what it takes to preserve it.

Many of our readers have contacted us and encouraged us to keep up the good work, and sharing how the wildlife data we showed them changed their views on the topic. These kinds of comments keep motivating us to stay afloat and updated.