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The team that keeps WildData working like a well-oiled machine is constantly expanding as we meet new people interested in helping us out in any way.

One of the most important areas we can always use help with is finding and sharing new relevant content in ways our readers will find appealing and easy to understand.

None of us are professional writers, but we do take these things rather seriously as we look to make an actual impact on wildlife preservation.

While this digital magazine isn’t subject to great critiques or anything formal, our morals and goals keep us thriving to be as accurate and up to date as we possibly can. And that is where you come in.

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If you share our interest in preserving wildlife and everything this endeavour entails, you might find that WildData is a great space to share your thoughts and knowledge.

You might have realized we already have hundreds of readers that keep up with the data and information we share and take it very seriously.

We are very easy to reach, as you will find through our Contact Us page and will reach a welcoming team of peers who will help educate you further on these topics. Send us an application today, our team will evaluate it and help you through the process.